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Innovation activities are sometimes hampered by borders between academics and businesses, between small and large businesses, and between regions. That’s why overcoming these barriers and innovating across borders is crucial today.


The “Belgian Research, Innovation and Entrepreneurship Community” (BRIEC) aims to help companies speed up their innovation process by enabling them to meet and cooperate with other companies big and small from all regions of Belgium, and with different universities and research centres.


These interactions bringing together different kinds of companies and innovation actors are made possible through the organisation of events (2 to 3 per year) focusing on societal challenges where innovation will be key for future progress. These events are built up around the exchange of concrete innovation cases and the challenges surrounding them.

"An increasing number of companies are opening up their innovation process, but interactions among key stakeholders remain rather rare."

Ilham Kadri – CEO Solvay

CEO Solvay

"Days when innovation was carried out exclusively within the company are gone."

Pieter Timmermans – CEO VBO-FEB

"We need more innovation to solve the problems that mankind is facing. But innovation doesn’t happen automatically, it doesn’t fall from the sky."

Johan Norberg – Author & Innovation Thinker

"Although Belgian companies are not doing bad in a European context in terms of R&D and collaboration, there is still room for improvement. Barriers continue to exist between academics and companies, between sectors and companies and between innovation players from the different regions. We want to help overcome those barriers with our initiative."

Edward Roosens – Chief Economist VBO-FEB

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